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zacview is a 3D visualization system for theaters, opera houses, and TV studios. All static and dynamic elements of the venue are realistically modeled and rendered in a virtual world. Objects, decorations, upper-/lower machinery, and spotlights are simulated with all functionalities. The main purpose of zacview is to keep machine programming lighting and movement rehearsals on the real stage as short as possible.

zacview provides time-saving preprogramming in "virtual reality" before entering the real physical stage.

Technical background 

zacview is based on a widely used and very successful 3D computer gaming engine (UNITY). This basic technology allows the application software to take advantage of the latest computer graphics hardware without any additional effort. zacview grows automatically with the rapid development of the computer gaming market.

Key features of the zacview application:

Detailed representation of the stage area and the auditorium


The best stage simulation software is only as good as the model of the
theater. We offer realistic modeling of your venue as a service. Give us your plans of the house, construction drawings of the machines, and the lighting plan and we will create the right 3D model for your "digital twin".

● Realistic behavior of the stage machinery with direct control from the machine desk


zacview connects to the machine control panel using real-time protocol. All machine control commands are executed immediately in the Digital Twin's virtual world. This allows for pre-programming of complex scene changes in the visualization, saving valuable stage time.

Credits: (c) Barbara Pálffy/Volksoper Wien

● Physical simulations and Collision warning of moving objects


zacview integrates a physical simulation of all stage elements.
Decorations and hoists behave correctly according to gravity and the
laws of physics. Movable objects that collide with each other can display a collision warning to the operator.

● Realistic visualization of all lighting fixtures


In zacview, all the fixtures in your theater are integrated as active visualization elements. You can control all fixtures directly from your desk by connecting to the lighting console via ARTNet or sACN. The realistic visualization of the lighting effects enables precise pre-programming and reduces the time required for lighting rehearsals on the real stage.

● Realistic rendering of video projections and LED screens


By connecting to a video server, zacview can display feeds of moving
images in real-time. The videos can be placed anywhere in the 3D
visualization. Just like on the real stage, projection surfaces can have
any shape and be semi-transparent.

● Management of scene timeline with separate images and stage setups


Acts, scenes, and images can be stored in zacview in a complex
sequence analogous to the dramaturgy of the play. Each individual
scene contains its own lighting effects, the position of the machines, and all specific decorations.

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