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Under the brand zacturn all special product developments for computer graphics, virtual-reality and augmented-reality are combined. Application development is focused on museums and exhibitions as well as trade shows and Point-Of-Information displays.

Despite their focus on computer graphics zacturn projects are always interdisciplinary. The services range from low level programming tasks to hardware development, industrial design with 3D printing and prototype production.


● zacturn Sphere
“Like a giant window to the virtual world around you.” A big display is mounted above a rotating column. Images can be viewed across a 360° range. The whole monitor can be rotated endlessly around the column axis. The viewer controls the field of view in pan and tilt by rotating and tilting the monitor arm. (developed for SIEMES in 2010)


● zacturn Scope
A digital spyglass with “Augmented Reality” – functionality. The construction pivots and tilts in all directions just like a usual telescope. zacturn SCOPE overlays text, animation or video information regarding the objects in focus (developed for the Austrian pavilion at World EXPO 2015 Milan)


● zacturn mobile

VR- and AR- content is available for mobile devices like tablets or smartphones. 


● Robboscope
The idea of zacturn scope AR spyglass transcended into a binocular VR/AR outdoor device delivering stunning picture quality in 4K resolution per eye.
Robboscope is an OEM development for EUROSCOPE, Germany. (Developed in 2017)

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● Virtual, Augmented and Xtended Reality
As our academic core know-how lies in CG technologies, “visual computing” but also “computer vision” have been the center of our projects. Virtual, Augmented and Xtended Reality concepts have been around since the nineties and are rediscovered with new gadgets every decade. Over the years zkoor has worked with various VR platforms.

-    Oculs Rift has been used for presenting virtual environments in exhibitions and museums
-    HTC-Vive is the basic technology used for the VR-Bicycle
-    Microsoft Hololens was used to present products for various trade shows

-    Various projection systems

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For a direct contact to zkoor please send your request to:

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