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zacview Visualisation is a virtual digital twin of the stage that helps the theatre's creative staff. It includes basic tools for various stage trades, such as upper and lower machinery, lighting design, and video design. The movements and effects can be operated through the existing control consoles, just as before. The machine control console manages the upper and lower machinery, the lighting console controls all the spotlights, and the video server provides moving images. The programmed effects are viewed in the virtual world instead of the physical theatre.

Real-time connection to your machine control
To display the correct movement sequences, zacview listens to the actual position data of your machine control. Posi-Stage-Net (PSN) is used as the standard protocol for real-time data transmission. The use of special, proprietary communication protocols is offered on request. For light programming, any lighting consoles can be connected via sACN or ARTNet.

The visualization studio includes a control console for the machinery, a lighting console, and a media server in addition to the zacview workstation. These control consoles are connected to the zacview via a
network. The visualization system monitors the real-time protocols of the stage equipment and displays any changes in real time.


Stage machinery:
In order to use the stage machinery control data, the machine controller must in principle be capable of real-time output of the axis position data via the network. This is clarified with the manufacturer of the control system. If necessary, the machine control system must be upgraded (this can NOT be done by zacview!)

Lighting consoles / Media Server:
zacview can be connected to all lighting consoles and media servers available on the market with a network connection using standard protocols.

Supported protocols:
-  Posi Stage Net (PSN) - free protocol for real-time
positioning (

- Waagner Biro control protocol - proprietary control protocol from Waagner Biro

- SBS control protocol - proprietary control protocol from SBS Bühnentechnik


Supported protocols:
- ARTNet
- sACN (
- Media server: NDI (


Credits: (c) Barbara Pálffy/Volksoper Wien

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